Michael Sato (saiyamanms) wrote in gwiy,
Michael Sato

Random progress report.

So... I've started some work on cleaning up the audio for episode 1 now. So far, so good. Although as of yet, I've only touched Ash's lines, and only upto before the lab scene. And there's one particular line that refuses to cooperate, so it'll likely be outright rerecorded.

Also, in other news, still need a new Misty and Jessie! I haven't gotten around to sorting out a proper method of auditioning yet, but I can assure you that it WILL involve the lines that appear in the show itself. I'll probably post the original subtitled production files on YouTube for your benefit when the time comes. So start firing up your Rachael Lillis impressions ladies! Or y'know, don't. But you won't be getting the roles that way!
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