Michael Sato (saiyamanms) wrote in gwiy,
Michael Sato

Gotta Watch it Y'all! Coming to an internet near you soon! Or not so soon. Or something.

Well, my Misty and Jessie have been MIA for... A few months. Sooooo, here's the plan:

1. GWIY is on somewhat of a hiatus, however it is temporary and it will return. It's like what happened after the Porygon incident, except without widespread seizures.

2. Misty and Jessie are most likely going to be recast, if you consider yourself reliable enough and able to pull off a decent Rachel Lillis impression, I'll put you into consideration. I personally have a preference for someone who can play both, as one person is easier to keep track of than two.

3. Due to this recasting, episodes 1 and 2 will likely recieve a rerelease. Think of it like what happened with The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, except hopefully without massive fandom shitstorms.

4. While redoing episodes 1 and 2, I shall try and improve the audio quality of my recordings as that has been the main criticism of the series thus far. Depending on how this works, I may or may not rerecord some or all of my own lines.

5. While GWIY strives to bring you the best of the old days, I am somewhat considering a simultaneous release of something like perhaps a GWIY AG or GWIY DP, or possibly the movies. I've got some developent on a Mewtwo Strikes Back script, but I'm not not sure about where I might go or what I might do with these other ideas. Regardless, I will definately be pressing forward with Kanto episodes.

6. There is no six. I just felt like adding more numbers.

Aaaand, there we go. All up to speed on the latest news about the magical process of behind the scenes. Or something.
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