Michael Sato (saiyamanms) wrote in gwiy,
Michael Sato

Huh, been a while.

Don't worry y'all (as in, the three people who'll probably actually see this. >_>), episode 2 is coming. It's just that, uh... I'm lazy.

Anyway, in other news, Episode 1 has 150 views! That's the same amount as the Kanto Pokédex! (Ignoring Mew of course, you couldn't catch it in game anyway.)

... Which is uh, kinda pathetic for having been available for a month and a half. >_>

I suppose it's probably heavily influenced by the fact I haven't put the word "Pokemon" anywhere on it, so it wouldn't be turning up in YouTube searches. Of course, doing that would clearly alert Shogakukan, and get the video removed. So I guess I'll have to rely on alternate methods of gaining viewers. Like uh... This community. >_>;;

But yeah, the lack of viewers on episode 1 so far is a bit of an influence on why I haven't gotten episode 2 out yet. I should try improving my advertising and such for this community I suppose, maybe get some affiliates. As for episode 2, I have all of my own lines upto the end of the Rocket motto recorded. New characters I'm playing in episode 2 include James, Meowth, Jenny, Ekans and Coffee. ... Wait, no, Koffing. I've yet to completely cement casting for Joy or Jessie, but I've got things sort of planned.
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