... Huh?

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... What? That GWIY thing still exists? I could have sworn that guy gave up on this show ages ago...

No, I'm back! And working on stuff. I've gotten a new laptop relatively recently, so I can actually use Movie Maker again now without it crashing every five seconds. I've done a bit of rewriting for parts of episodes 1 and 2, so you can expect them to be completely redone from the ground up at some point. But not quite yet!

For our big comeback episode, we decided that something new would be better than simply giving you a revamp of something from a bit over 2 years ago. It's The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon!

So far, the script covers approximately the first 17-18 minutes of the 42 minute special. (That's going by the original length, once you cut things out you have... significantly less than 17 minutes of footage.)

Misty will obviously be recast (which is part of the reason why I chose this special as the comeback), and Jessie will be too by the time episode 2 is redone. (Seriously, Team Rocket are boring in this special. I'm doing you a favour by cutting them out. :|)

That's all the news for now.

Until next time, Best Wishes!

Random progress report.

So... I've started some work on cleaning up the audio for episode 1 now. So far, so good. Although as of yet, I've only touched Ash's lines, and only upto before the lab scene. And there's one particular line that refuses to cooperate, so it'll likely be outright rerecorded.

Also, in other news, still need a new Misty and Jessie! I haven't gotten around to sorting out a proper method of auditioning yet, but I can assure you that it WILL involve the lines that appear in the show itself. I'll probably post the original subtitled production files on YouTube for your benefit when the time comes. So start firing up your Rachael Lillis impressions ladies! Or y'know, don't. But you won't be getting the roles that way!
... Huh?

Gotta Watch it Y'all! Coming to an internet near you soon! Or not so soon. Or something.

Well, my Misty and Jessie have been MIA for... A few months. Sooooo, here's the plan:

1. GWIY is on somewhat of a hiatus, however it is temporary and it will return. It's like what happened after the Porygon incident, except without widespread seizures.

2. Misty and Jessie are most likely going to be recast, if you consider yourself reliable enough and able to pull off a decent Rachel Lillis impression, I'll put you into consideration. I personally have a preference for someone who can play both, as one person is easier to keep track of than two.

3. Due to this recasting, episodes 1 and 2 will likely recieve a rerelease. Think of it like what happened with The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, except hopefully without massive fandom shitstorms.

4. While redoing episodes 1 and 2, I shall try and improve the audio quality of my recordings as that has been the main criticism of the series thus far. Depending on how this works, I may or may not rerecord some or all of my own lines.

5. While GWIY strives to bring you the best of the old days, I am somewhat considering a simultaneous release of something like perhaps a GWIY AG or GWIY DP, or possibly the movies. I've got some developent on a Mewtwo Strikes Back script, but I'm not not sure about where I might go or what I might do with these other ideas. Regardless, I will definately be pressing forward with Kanto episodes.

6. There is no six. I just felt like adding more numbers.

Aaaand, there we go. All up to speed on the latest news about the magical process of behind the scenes. Or something.

Episode 2 has been released!

Episode 2 has been released and... This is an outrage! I'm nowhere to be seen! I was supposed to be in this episode! Yet I'm not! This has CLEARLY got to be some kind of mix up, as who in their right mind would EVER cut a segment of the show starring me!? Nobody could possibly be dumb enough to remove a segment of the show starring Professor Oak! ... It's just not fair. I HATE YOU SAIYAMANMS!!! >:OOOO!!!!

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Ha! Seems that posting a report on my whereabouts in episode 2 gave me a kickstart to work on the rest. So, I've basically recorded all my stuff now (with the exception of one line, which I plan to record closer to the episode's release) and scored the music. (Hope you like Star Wars!)

So now the main thing is to get stuff out to other cast members for the episode, and then get stuff back. Also in the upcoming episode, look forward to cameo appearances of certain unexpected characters, like Ritchie, Wobbuffet, Captain Jack Harkness, Vegeta and Jesus!

(Disclaimer: Example characters may not appear in actual episode)

Huh, been a while.

Don't worry y'all (as in, the three people who'll probably actually see this. >_>), episode 2 is coming. It's just that, uh... I'm lazy.

Anyway, in other news, Episode 1 has 150 views! That's the same amount as the Kanto Pokédex! (Ignoring Mew of course, you couldn't catch it in game anyway.)

... Which is uh, kinda pathetic for having been available for a month and a half. >_>

I suppose it's probably heavily influenced by the fact I haven't put the word "Pokemon" anywhere on it, so it wouldn't be turning up in YouTube searches. Of course, doing that would clearly alert Shogakukan, and get the video removed. So I guess I'll have to rely on alternate methods of gaining viewers. Like uh... This community. >_>;;

But yeah, the lack of viewers on episode 1 so far is a bit of an influence on why I haven't gotten episode 2 out yet. I should try improving my advertising and such for this community I suppose, maybe get some affiliates. As for episode 2, I have all of my own lines upto the end of the Rocket motto recorded. New characters I'm playing in episode 2 include James, Meowth, Jenny, Ekans and Coffee. ... Wait, no, Koffing. I've yet to completely cement casting for Joy or Jessie, but I've got things sort of planned.
James Rocket

Wanted: Villains for a Cartoon - Audition Here

Ooh, Jessie look here! There's an ad for villains to star in this new cartoon series! I'm all in for it, are you? ... Jessie? Where are you Jessie?

Well this isn't good. I can't find Jessie. Any of you have a good idea where to find Jessie? Really, as my partner in crime I should be able to rely on her to be around to get the job done when it needs to be. I'll be sure to keep my ears out for her voice, I'm sure she'd be glad to audition for a role like this in show business.